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Artistic Submission

I just finished going through my archives and changing the userpics on some of the entries, not to mention removing the links from my Photobucket images. I may do this again with a different userpic. Anyway, this post is an entry to a contest for the comic Saiko and Lavender. And I can't believe I only just realized that the first name is pronounced like "psycho." While not a precise description of the bunny girl, this homophone fits the tone of the comic.

Anyway, here's my entry for the contest. It features a couple of characters that appeared briefly, on pages 18-22 of Issue 1.
Kumo & Panda Girl

I must say, I'm worried this image is overloaded. The scene is a classic: somebody is mixing chemicals, and they accidentally make an explosion or something. Of course, this is a fantasy comic, so the actual mixture is supposed to be a magic potion. The scene contains two jokes, neither of which I think is obvious enough.

The first joke, made by the (unnamed?) panda girl on the left, is a Japanese pun. See, "Kumo" is (transliterated) Japanese for "spider," so of course the name belongs to the six-armed spider girl in the lab coat. (I had to guess at her coloration, so I guessed brown.) But incredibly, some homophones are present in Japanese, and "kumo" also sounds like the word for "cloud," which they're now standing in.

The other joke is not particularly obscure, but it's hard to see why it's being made. Kumo is holding three different liquids in those beakers, but they are typical chemicals; identically clear and impossible to tell apart. That's how the accident happened; when Kumo mixed one of the components in, she couldn't tell it was the wrong one. (If you're wondering why she that liquid in the first place, rest assured it was supposed to be added in just a little later.)

The thing in the upper right corner is just my signature, sideways; an ambigram of "Cy Reb Jr." It can't be read in this orientation, but if you tilt your head left or right, you can make it out easily.


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Jan. 15th, 2008 08:54 pm (UTC)
LOL, awesome. Thanks for the entry! It's always cool to see the really random side characters get some love. =] I have put your entry on the list.

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