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Tuesday Teaser #49: Bag of Tricks

Okay, "next week" didn't work out. But here's a puzzle that just might be your bag!

Bag of Tricks
...Well, it would be if you are Pinkie Pie, and I can't really rule that out.

So this is a Bag puzzle. I'll admit I don't usually use the name "Bag," but I think it fits Pinkie better than "Cave" or "Corral" does. It's the second puzzle in a planned six-part series based on the core cast of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." (Did I mention I'm a brony? Well, I am now!)

I had intended to do something with balloons, but I got inspired to do something typically mathy. I was able to arrange pi (3. 14 15 9) and e (2. 7 18) on the diagonal in Pinkie's mane and coat colors, so that spells "Pie." To read "Pinkie," take the numbers in colored squares from top to bottom, left to right. Reading the sixth row (colored like Pinkie's balloon cutie mark) in the common 1=A, 2=B fashion gives N, K, I, so all together it says "Pi{nki}e."

Some credit goes to kinkyturtle, whose colorkeying of Pinkie I used here. He links the current version here as he updates it. (Mostly I just want to point him out to you and this entry out to him.)

Wait, you're wondering how this is the *second* puzzle and not the first? Oh, right! The first puzzle is the second one here. Sorry, both writing and sending the puzzle were done on the spurs of their respective moments. I'm pretty proud of it, too; I managed to pick a puzzle type that's basically about finding diamonds and/or cutting cloth, so it's perfect for Rarity.
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