cyrebjr (cyrebjr) wrote,

Tuesday Teaser #52: Zag

I seem to have a tiny dilemma here. I actually had this puzzle written last week, but Tuesdays are now host to "Agents of SHIELD" viewing parties. And sure, I should post these in the morning, but I'm not generally a morning person. So should I move my weekly (ha) puzzle to another day of the week?

Anyway, here's a sudoku variant called X-Sums Sudoku, which I first saw on Para's site ( Each outside clue equals the sum of the first X digits in its line starting from the edge where the clue is located, where X equals the nearest such digit.
 photo X-SumsSudokuZag.gif

(Not to be confused with N-Sums sudoku, where N is the last of the N digits to be added. That, incidentally, means not all 36 spots around the grid can have a clue.)
Tags: math, puzzle

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