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Weekend Update

My mom informed me a week or two ago that I have a worldwide fan club. So I figured I should post something for all of you. This isn't exactly that post.

I haven't exactly had a packed schedule the last three months. The garage door is now half-insulated; I gotta finish that. I have get-togethers away from the house on Sundays and Tuesdays, though that's a little up in the air right now. I've also been keeping up with MLP, and even now, I'm lining up an Applejack puzzle for Tuesday.

Now if you'll bear with me a minute, I'm gonna chase that last bit around. Those of you who've been watching, or otherwise keeping track of, the show, know that the six central characters (known to fans as the "Mane Six") have been, one by one, finding special objects that display rainbow shimmers to the camera. I won't discuss the important details here; I just wanted to note that the first three ponies to find their object were also the first three I made puzzles for, which only had one chance in ten of happening. And I say 1/10 instead of 1/120 for two reasons:

A) because I got the order wrong, so it was six times as likely that I'd match three ponies, and
B) because come on, Twilight's obviously going to be the last one in both lists, so I only really needed to arrange five ponies. (Which, see point A, I didn't do quite right.)

Anyway, I replaced the image for Rainbow Dash's puzzle because some grid lines had been lost to artifacting. And speaking of things I've lost, I had a puzzle written for Fluttershy, but it was... unkind, so to speak. The answer grid was all right, but I wasn't sure how to solve it or how many extra clues to give. Then I put it off so long, I lost the notebook I'd put it in. >(\< So that won't be up for a while, though I'll probably include Rarity's puzzle for completeness, with a color adjustment.

And that's really it for now. See you Tuesday!
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